char|ac|ter [ `kerəktər ] noun ***
▸ 1 qualities of personality
▸ 2 what makes something different
▸ 3 morally good qualities
▸ 4 unusual person
▸ 5 someone in book, movie, etc.
▸ 6 someone's reputation
▸ 7 letter/number/symbol
1. ) count usually singular the qualities that make up someone's personality:
This stinginess with money was one aspect of Steve's character that I didn't like.
in/out of character (=typical/not typical of someone's usual behavior): I can't understand why Simon refused to help; it seems so out of character.
a ) singular the qualities that people from a particular place are believed to have:
He understood so much about our national character.
2. ) count or uncount the qualities that make something clearly different from anything else:
Each of his books has its own distinctive character.
The two towns are similar in size but very different in character.
character of: The house was not in keeping with the character of the surrounding area.
a ) a quality that makes something interesting or attractive:
a traditional inn with a lot of character and charm
3. ) uncount good personal qualities, especially the qualities of being brave and determined when doing something difficult:
She had to stand up and make a speech to 500 people, so it was quite a test of character.
The team showed real character in coming back from behind like that.
character-building (=helping to develop someone's character): the idea of competitive sport as a character-building activity
4. ) count a person of a particular type:
McMahon is one of the sport's most colorful characters.
a shady/suspicious/unsavory character
a reformed/changed character: Jake used to be pretty wild, but he's a reformed character now.
a ) INFORMAL someone with special qualities that make them different from most people and interesting to know:
She was quite a character, I can tell you.
a real character: You'd like Joe, he's a real character.
5. ) count a person in a book, play, movie, etc.:
The book has a solid plot and likable characters.
the main/central character: The movie's main character is played by George Clooney.
6. ) count or uncount someone's reputation, especially when this shows how honest or reliable they are:
Did she cast a slur on my character?
My client is a man of good character.
7. ) count a letter, number, or symbol that is written, printed, or used in computer programs:
The password may be up to 12 characters long.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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